Key digital challenges that push companies to outsource mobile services

Manage the lifecycle of your mobile apps, from requirements to publication and beyond
Deliver a high performance, secure, and optimal user experience at a reasonable cost
Create  scalable mobile apps that use the best technical approach
Build and maintain multi-language and multi-branded customized apps for your  international customers.

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The combination of 4 key areas of Worldline’s expertise: authentication, mobile applications, security and innovation.

  • Mobile solutions and services

    Our Mobile Competences center allows businesses to define, build and manage the lifecycle of mobile projects, including both end-to-end and specific services.

    Simplify and strengthen authentication

    WL Trusted authentication is a software-type strong authentication solution intended for banks and any type of organisation that needs to make remote access secure for its users.

    WL Mobile intrusion protection

    WL Mobile Intrusion Protection provides local and remote protection of the mobile application you provide to your customers, helping to reduce fraud. It is available for all smartphones, but protection can also be applied individually and updated for any kind of identified fraud.

    Industrial SMS services and Push-App Notifications platforms

    Our Mobile messaging platform offers a complete set of messaging solutions under a SaaS model. This allows companies to drive new business opportunities and challenges associated with the emergence of new devices and technologies, solving IT integration issues (from cost management to connectivity with operators), and integrating mobility in key business applications such as CRM, SAP, WFM, SFA, etc.

Key benefits for your online business

Cost improvement

Reducing development costs and thus offering you more competitive prices. 

Better time-to-market and quality

With decreasing development time and best-in-class innovation. 

Putting in place a real security policy for your mobile apps

While there might be no such thing as zero risk, it is possible to create a checked and controlled high-trust environment for your mobile apps directly on users’ smartphones. 

Our portfolio


Mobile technical office 

Oriented to companies and institutions with a medium/large number of apps to manage, we offer a Mobile Technical Office service in order to provide:

  • Governance model
  • Technical and business profiles team
  • Standard tools
  • Process & Indicators

UX & Design services

A multidisciplinary team focuses on designing mobile solutions optimized around how users interact with mobile devices.

We cover all the design process and activities: analysis, information architecture, visual design and user test.


Mobile testing & QA

A dedicated multidisciplinary team and tools oriented to provide mobile testing & QA customized services.


Mobile banking

An innovative and comprehensive catalog of services that builds a unique customer experience, whether on a smartphone or tablet and for any operating system (iOS, Android or Windows).


Mobile intrusion protection

With several decades’ experience in securing sensitive electronic transactions, Worldline is now putting its expertise to use with mobile transactional services by launching its WL Mobile Intrusion Protection solution, available for Android and iOS and complying with the European regulations on the protection of personal data.


Trusted authentication

A software-type strong authentication solution intended for banks and any type of organisation that needs to make remote access secure for its users.


Mobile payment

This solution provides a unified approach for token-based payments in stores, in apps and on the web, for domestic and international card schemes. We facilitate the integration of major Token Service Providers with our issuing systems and offer a token requestor function for digital wallet providers.   


Connected Consumer & Digital Commerce

Now users can seamlessly switch channels to interact with branded services anytime, anywhere, on any device. Worldline helps clients to be as flexible as their users.


Connected Citizen

Our mobile solutions provide smart mobility services to the citizens through mobile devices and other channels to create an interactive, streamlined experience.

Case study

Management of Barcelona city apps

Worldline launched the Mobile Technical Office in 2013 with the aim of developing  management, technical and promotion tasks inside the life cycle of the Local government’s Apps.


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Folleto del Centro de Competencias de Movilidad

Su socio en soluciones móviles y habilitadores digitales para dispositivos móviles. Centro de Competencias de Movilidad con amplia experiencia ofreciendo soluciones móviles para cualquier compañía o institución pública.

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