Enrich customer experience through Conversational Banking

The banking sector is currently considered as one of the most competitive and disrupted market in the industry. Banks are increasingly pressured by new regulation (PSD2, GDPR), by new competition (from Fintechs, GAFA and BATX) and by their own customers – expecting always more real-time and tailored services. Financial institutions are thus swinging between the needs for cost reduction and customer experience enhancement, while exploring the creation of new revenue streams.

In this context, chatbots are gradually becoming a major trend in banking – allowing banks to securely enhance customer journeys with tailored and contextual answers while significantly reducing the customer support costs. Far for replacing human interactions, conversational interfaces are relieving pressure from advisors and help them focus on more complex and valuable services.

Deploying chat- and voice-bots induces many interrogations and challenges, notably related to the proper understanding of the user’s query as well as the choice of the most appropriate answer. This seemingly simple statement carries many implications including, but not limited to, the need for a performing NLP engine (Natural Language Processing) coupled with deep conversational User Experience (UX) design skills – keeping in mind that any channel presents proper specificities and thus unique opportunities for customer engagement.

To support banks in their conversational banking strategies, we have launched a dedicated product aiming at reducing banks’ investment risks and costs while improving their time-to-market. Being a longstanding partner of numerous banks, our solution is natively designed to guarantee data privacy, traceability and security, especially for sensitive activities related to personal data or payment processing. 

Esta infografía explica cómo nuestra Plataforma Conversacional impulsará su negocio y le ayudará a aprovechar al máximo las tendencias y necesidades del mercado en rápida evolución.
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Voice as the new channel for Daily Banking Operations

People today are looking for instantaneity and personalization in services. This statement is also true for banks.

The video on the right, named 'Conversational Banking opportunities', shows how Conversational interfaces are set to reshape the way users interact with their banks, enabling a more natural and unified experience across all channels. As a leading provider in the payments and transactional services industry, we are always exploring solutions to help financial institutions to orchestrate end-to-end journeys and strongly engage with their customers.


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Digital Banking: use cases Lauren


Find out how our Digital Banking solutions (including conversational banking, voice assistants and messaging) can help you to easily engage your customers with tailored insights and personalized tools, without compromising security.






  • Pre-trained conversations

    Formulations, sentences, answers already trained and integrated in the solution to fasten the time to market with only personalization workshops with clients. In addition to these pre-trained conversations, you can also use our conversational expertise to define and build custom conversations and address specific use cases.

    • FAQ: Transform existing list of frequently asked questions into conversations and tedious searches into natural exchanges.
    • Daily Banking: Use simple conversations to offer day-to-day banking actions to your customers.
    • Financial Coaching: Help your customers reach their financial objectives and better understand their expenses.

    Intelligent Conversation engine

    Able to manage conversations, understands the user’s intention, and gather the required information to provide a relevant and complete answer.

    NLP agnostic solution

    The solution relies on an NLP solution. However, the WL Conversational Platform is able to switch NLP engine to provide the best level of service and ensure the preservation of trained corpuses.

    Standard Connectors

    As critical asset to retrieve banking information and provide secure workflows, the WL Conversational Platform provides standard connectors to the bank IS.

    Administration console

    Bots are new ways to interact with end-users and need to be regularly trained. For that purposes our Conversational Platform comes with a set of tools enabling our clients to follow the activity of their bots (ie. dashboard showing the ranking of the most requested features, metrics on sentences not understood or the volume of escalation towards humans) and to update their behaviors by enhancing the corpus for instance.

Value for our clients

  • Reduced costs of customer care by streamlining the most tedious customer service tasks and deflecting repetitive questions from agents
  • 24/7 customer support, enabling consistent and instant answers across multiple conversational channels
  • Reduced attrition rate and improved satisfaction levels by delivering tailored insights and contextual advices to ultimately foster customer engagement
  • New cross-selling opportunities thanks to enriched customer data
  • Improved brand image


Digital services

WL Trusted Authentication

Provide a simple and intuitive way to manage strong authentications of your customers . The solution supports strong authentication based on a PIN code or fingerprint and is flexible for the implementation of new features, to adapt to the constant evolution of smartphones or new authentication principles and regulations. 

WL Digital Banking Platform

Leverage and enrich your legacy assets thanks to off-the-shelf business enablers fuelled by Worldline and pre-vetted partners. The modular and scalable platform empowers banks to accelerate their digital transformation while securely enhancing their customers’ omnichannel journeys. 

WL Trusted Interactions

Re-create a close relationship between your bank advisors and their end-customers thanks to secure messaging, intelligent advice and efficient document management. 

WL Contact

Ensure your contact centers are always as efficient and accessible as possible. We have designed a multi-channel Cloud-native solution enriching WL Trusted Interactions channels: voice, chat, SMS, social network, fax, and voice biometrics. 

WL Digitization

Provide your customers with a seamless digital experience with our dedicated solutions for Digital Identity, Digital Signature and Digital documents Preservation. Coupled with WL Trusted Interactions, WL digitization enables a contract subscription 100% online.